Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fine Art Action Figure!

This morning's thrift store find was a   "Fine Arts Action Figure" --is that an oxymoron?  I was so tickled--artists are not usually portrayed in toys and collectibles!

This action figure is Vincent Van Gogh - still enclosed in the original, very yellowed packaging.  He comes equipped with an easel, his work-in-progress, paints, brush and palette. I examined him closely but both of his ears are intact --seems like he would have been significantly more authentic with just one ear. Plus, he might have appealed to G.I.Joe-loving boys more.

I did an Internet search to see what other artists are immortalized as action figures--I would love a crevice-faced Georgia O'Keefe or exotic Frida Kahlo figure, but no, I could not find evidence that any other artist action figures exist, not even Picasso or Savador Dali.  Too bad this idea did not take off--these artists would all make awesome action figures!