Monday, February 9, 2009

The Impetus for this Blog

I have collected some pretty odd things over the years, and this little ceramic gnome vessel ranks right up there. I was in town and had a bit of time between meetings this afternoon, so I stopped in at Savers to see if I could find some interesting decor for my chicken coop/potting shed. No luck there, but I stumbled upon this quirky gnome dish. My first reaction was "Ugly!" but then I felt its weird attraction (maybe it's magical.) Today was Monday and yellow ticketed items were 99 cents; it had a yellow price tag, so it was meant to be.

On the bottom it says copyright 1957, "FINE ENT INC" and "Calif USA." I did a google search and found the same piece listed for sale on Ebay in 2004, but the seller was as baffled by it as I am. My best guess is that it is a little nightstand dish to set your change or keys in --I am currently using it on my desk for paperclips.

My family gives me a lot of grief about my penchant for purchasing strange things at garage sales and thrift stores. I figure somebody out there surely must appreciate these treasures as much as I do--thus, this blog.

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